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The department of Applied Sciences is established with the aim of enriching forth coming engineers with profound academic base. It focuses and enable student to analyze& to tackle the situation of their professional life. The department prepares students for core engineering branches by educating them in the important domains of sciences like physics, chemistry, mathematic. The ever flowing zeal of excellence, adaptability and flexibility are the key success factors of the departments & maintain the unbeatable cordial environment for the growth of their young credits.
Along with academic and technical excellence, the department also focuses on instilling intrinsic values with the help of courses such as human value & professional ethics. E-learning is an integral part of the department which emphasis on group discussions and learning patterns. We believe that excellence knows no border and same is with infrastructure. Chemistry, Physics, BEEE labs are well equipped with the complete set of latest equipments and tools, which caters to the need of the students. Communication skills lab is the unique feature of the department which focus on all the four components of English i.e. listening, speaking, writing and reading along with personality development classes. Faculty members help the students to participate actively in different activities related to their development and growth.



Message from Head of the Department

We expect our students to perform well atacademic level, and to go beyond being significant contributors. There are numerous opportunities for our students to participate in different activities. Our faculty members are always ready toencourage the students to hone their skills in different spheres.
They endeavor to ensure that all our students have a strong education with leadership skills, involvement in student activities, and internship experience. This makes them capable to confront hardships in life. I strongly believe that “All odds, all challenges and all handicaps of life can be overcome with strong determination, persistent hard work, insurmountable patience and unshakeable tenacity”


Research Papers
  • Publications in relevant peer reviewed journals
    • Research Paper presented on “ Relationship of Market Orientation and Service Quality of Commercial Banks in Punjab”, in the International Conference on Strategies for Global Competitiveness & Economic Growth, Management Conclave (2017) at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar.
    • Paper Published on “Thermal Spray Coating Techniques:a review”(Feb 2016)