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Late Sh. Naresh Kumar Anand


Message From Chairman

In the memory of Late Sh. Naresh Kumar Anand Our late chairman Sh. Naresh Kumar Anand S/o ManoharLalAnand a top industrialist who possess a magnanimous and a dynamic personality having high sense of integrity and assiduous zeal saw the light of the day on 9th September,1938 at Sheikhupur.After getting basic education, he started business responsibilities with his father in the year 1959.
On the account of his able guidance, sincere efforts and selfless service of the highest order, he had been able to establish:

1. Anand Rubber and Cycle Industries,Kapurthala
2. AnandAgri oil Private limited,Kapurthala
3. AnandMehanPoylmer private limited, Faridabad.(Haryana)

Sh. Anand’s contribution was not in the field of industrialization but he had also felt the pulse of the society and established:
1. Anand Public Senior Secondary School in the memory of his son late AshiAnand in 1989.
2. Vikram Retreat for providing facilities to the institution and the staff of the organization.
3. Anand College of Engineering & Management in 2010.

Sh. Naresh Kumar Anandwas a great explorer, He explored many places in the world. He had travelled number of times various countries of the world for caring out the expansion of his business. His ways were steady. quite, least offensive but extremely effective. Mr. Anandhad full faith in Bhagwan Shree Rajnish known as OSHO and is endowed with rare qualities of endurance, patience and gratitude. Whenever any organization approaches him for any financial help, he liberally donates for the noble cause.

Mr. Anand was well known for bringing qualitative and quantitative changes at his birth place. He was loveable, intellectual personality, a master planner and a wonderful organizer who always takes personal interest in solving every matter. He believed that success depends upon action and hard work. He was not the only one who thinks so, but he always tried to instill this will in those who came in his contact. The aura of his ever smiling face and sparkling eyes works as a driving force for those working in the organization. His profound wisdom had earned him love and respect from one and all. Sh. Anand had left an indelible of his personality and administrative acumen in all the fields. He possessed an elegant personality overwhelmingly packed with talent, determination for strict discipline. He never remained the spectator to face the challenges in the long way of his career but accepted them and faced those lion heartily. The destinies of Anand Education Trust were being well guided by him as he possessed all the qualities of head, heart and soul. According to him life is like piano. White keys are happy moments and black keys are sad moments but remember both keys are played together to give sweet music called life.